About the Festival

West Woodhay’s Festival of Gardening started as a one day West Woodhay House Garden Show that aimed at raising money for our local churches; this became a two day show that provided substantial support to our churches and also supported a number of charities. The two day show happened every two years – the new Festival of Gardening will be annual.

These shows have been staffed primarily by volunteers from our villages and  from the charities we support and we are immensely grateful for all the help they provide. We could not do it without you all.  Please see the list on our Supporters page.

It requires a lot of time and effort to make this show work – we hope that you have found it worthwhile, but we would be grateful for any (helpful!) suggestions as to how we can make things better or more useful via our Contact page; in its different forms this Festival of Gardening has been going for a few years now and this site shows a number of photos.

We are delighted to link this site to any organisations that we support, that support us or are otherwise connected in some way to this Show. Please click here for our sponsors.

We do not generally provide links to commercial organisations with which we have no connection.