Silent Auction

Newbury Rotary have kindly helped us hold “Silent Auctions” since our first event in 2007, managing an event similar in style to an Ebay auction. A substantial amount of money has been raised and we would like to thank all individual and corporate donors – without whom this auction would not be possible – for their generosity, and all our bidders for their support. Please see here for this year’s list of donors.

Bids may be placed either in person to the auctioneer at the Gala Evening or at the West Woodhay Festival of Gardening on the Saturday & Sunday. To keep informed on the bids on your chosen lot please call the Silent Auction phone line, 07437 418226; this will be manned from 10.00 to 17.00 on Saturday and 10.00 to 16.00 on Sunday Рyou will be told the current high bid and may then enter your own higher bid. The bidding will continue until exactly 16.00 on Sunday 15th June, the last day of the West Woodhay Festival of Gardening. At that time the highest bidder for each lot will win that lot and should try to collect their purchase from the Silent Auction stand by 17.00. If two or more bidders are present and bidding when the auction closes, the auction will continue until only one bidder remains. If you are successful but are unable to be there on the day, please make arrangements for collection with the auctioneer.

Full conditions of the auction may be found in the catalogue, or click here to download as a pdf file.

You can download the current list of lots here – there are links from the electronic version of the catalogue to donor or relevant websites (you may need to use the “back” button to get back from donor site to catalogue and some of us have had trouble with these links – should be a simple “click” but if that does not work please try “Control” and click at the same time). When you do get to the Festival please take a moment to browse the final list on the Auction boards in case there is a late addition.